Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Resolutions - Kattrina

I've been thinking and thinking of great goals to send to you for your post. I don't think I've come up with something profoundly novel, but they are still my goals and I just have to live with them.

1. To write more letters and less emails.

My friends deserve a handwritten note and not something I typed up with my five free seconds at work.
2. To gossip less, or only gossip about good things.
Gossiping is a sign of insecurity and it's about time I felt secure.
3. To care a little more about how I look.
I should wear a little make-up, add a fashion accessory, buy a cool pair of boots, etc. so I don't turn into a frump.
4. To be patient with my hubby-to-be and not lose myself when I get married.
It will be a tough first year of marriage with his adjustment to the US and my adjustment to being part of a pair and not alone, but we shall prevail.
5. To completely embrace turning 30 this year!
Actually, this isn't hard. I'm super excited about turning 30. I am not happy about the 5 gray hairs I found, but I am happy with my life and do not fear the next decade. Plus, I don't feel old.
6. To start paying cash for everything that I can.
It is imperative that I stop overdrawing my bank account due to really bad record-keeping skills - cash will prevent the over-debiting problem I seem to have.

Ok, that's all I've got!
Great post idea!!



angel6033 said...

great resolutions!! :) specially the paying for things with cash lol..I should do that too

Blue said...

hey! gossiping is good for health...anything that makes u happy is good 4 health :)


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