Saturday, December 12, 2009

NYC Bar, Racial Profiling

Levant East
107 Rivington Street, New York, NY
(212) 796-8040

Unfortunately this place decided that they wanted to racial profile my friends and be extremely rude to myself and my other friends because the inside of the bar was actually nice.


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Do not waste your money here.

The bouncers were EXTREMELY rude and racial profiling occurred at the door.
Even being with a huge group of people, with a promoter and all, they still wouldn't let two girls in for the fact that they don't want people like "them" in their club, although there were CLEARLY many unattractive men AND women who they had let in the club before hand...... to say the least they were being extremely racist and trying to cover it up with "beauty etiquette".
Dont waste your money. Oh and the club next store? They do the same exact thing.

This is my only way to vent my anger on this bar since I couldn't punch the bouncer in the face, so please, I am begging you, do NOT ever go to this bar.

That was the nice version since I was posting it on Google and did not want it to be deleted. Now, here is what really happened, my friends and I go there to meet up with a friend of a friends promoter guy. So we get there, have some drinks, are waiting for some more people to show up.

I was told to tell them to say the name Zach at the front door. A couple of our friends got in. I got a text saying that the two girls N & O couldn't get in and to come outside. So I go outside, I'm talking to the bouncers, and I tell them they're here for Zach and tell me too bad and to get Zach to come outside and let them in. I get pissed.

I go inside, talk to Zach, ask him to come outside, he goes to me "So what is the real reason they won't let them in?" And at this point, I was mad, now after he said that I was FUMING. I go to him, "well considering who is in this club right now, I would bet you it was because they are black but how the fuck would I know? All i know if they are standing outside and its freezing" And he's like... "how are you going to play the race card on me?" And I go..." Zach, most of my friends are black, im not being racist but your bouncers sure as fuck are"

Finally he comes outside with me and at this point I am SO incredibly angry. This asshole was not being compliant with me AT all and I reall couldn't understand why and that was frustrating the fuck out of me.

We get outside, he talks to the bouncers, I'm stalking with N & O and the bouncers are telling me I can't stand there and have to go outside the rope or inside the bar. I go walk over to Zach who looks like he can't tell which way is up or down and he tells me that they can't come inside because "they don't look good enough".

Now I am FURIOUS. I think there might have even been steam coming out of my ears I was that mad. I storm back inside to roomie, spanky & mich and tell them that we need to leave immediately because the bouncers are racist pricks and N&O can't come inside.

I go get my coat, I walk out the door, I push the bouncer a little and say to him "That was fucked up by the way in case you didn't know you asshole." And he goes "that is the club rules" I go "yeah well your club is fucked up and youre just as big of a piece of shit by working here"

As I am walking away, the bouncer said something, I barely heard him but I heard him enough to think he said something about "well your face isnt that nice either", enough to make me turn around and say "What did you just say?" and make me start walking back towards him. And I go "Say it again you piece of shit" And then his big BLACK bouncer tells me I have to leave right now and pushes me out of the roped area, as I'm telling him he's a hypocrite bad excuse for a black man to have my 2 black lady friends not allowed in the bar and what a shitty person he was. After I am pushed out, I start yelling lots of fuck you's and don't go to this fucking bar,, blah blah.

UGH. I was so mad, I couldn't even control myself, but if I do say so myself I didn't get up in his face and/or punch or slap him. So... I would say I did okay.

So, that is my story about Levant East. I hope no one ever goes there. I would never say that about any place unless they really deserved it.

It just MADE ME SICK that in New York City, the biggest diverse city in the world, we are racially profiling who walks through the door of the bars. I mean, lets be serious. They looked awesome. I can't even believe it. I couldn't even bring myself to tell N&O what the reason was because they looked beautiful and FUCK what some bald piece of shit rich snobby fuck says about them.

Then we ended up at our last resort bar, 420 Lounge

This place is always has great music and such a diverse crowd. So many memories in this bar. It may not be crowded and everyone is not dressed to impress, but its a relaxed and chill atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it.

Have you had an experience like this before?



radiogael said...

That's fucking despicable, they should be burned out of that fucking place, racist c__ts!!!

I've been denied entry to a few places for being Irish, and there are loads of places where I come from where you can't go in if you're a Catholic or if you're a Protestant, but that's not really a race issue.

Fucking hell, makes you gloomy doesn't it? That people actually think that way...


btw- I'm sure your friends are shit-hot, those bouncers are fucking mooks.

The Novelista Barista said...

omg u denied for being irish?!?!?!?!

radiogael said...

a few times lol,

well yeah, sometimes people think the irish will cause trouble in a bar o_0

silly really

Somewhere In Between said...

How DISGUSTING that this situation even happened. I hope you and your girls had a great night despite the assholes you dealt with at that trashy bar which I won't even name!!

Steph said...

That's horrible! Sorry, that happened to y'all- what bullshit. I saw your post on Face & was waiting to see what happened. Damn!

However, I won't be profiling in selecting the winner of my give-away :) Stop by!!

OceanDreams said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience, I haven't had one as bad as this but glad you found a good bar where you like the atmosphere so much better!

Stephen K said...

Oh yes! To be completely cynical, I've been OK in London clubs because I am: a) pale? b) talk like an Englishman. Probably better than most, actually.

But last month, I heard that a party I couldn't make it to had half their party be denied because 'there wasn't enough space in the club'. Even though the whole place was booked out for that party, and from what I heard, it was clearly not at capacity. Now yes, it was in Mayfair, but similarly to your NYC opinion, London is supposed to be one of the most diverse places in Britain. My friends left purely because they didn't want to ruin the birthday party. But they were pissed, and I was pissed for them. Ridiculous.

p.s. 420 lounge? Isn't 420 the day everyone smokes weed your side of the Pond?
p.p.s. nice blog. Consider yourself followed :)

Kristi Faith said...

Great blog :0) I have had that happen to me, though it wasn't due to my race, it was due to status. I got a hefty tax return check one year and to treat myself wanted to go to this really hip little store with awesome dresses(the ones you like, have to have!)and I was asked to leave because I "didn't have the money to spend in their store" I was VERY PISSED. They even went so far as to insinuate I Might try to STEAL something. That really got me piping hot. Stick with your 420 lounge, looks like a groovy hangout.

Retromus-ik said...

Yeah, this happened to me and my friends a couple of weeks ago at Timesupperclub in Montreal. We had bought tickets for this event, and were left outside waiting in the rain while white women would pass ahead of us and get in without a problem. Some White people were left outside as well, but it was most likely because they didnt pass the "pretty or easy looking enough test". We were ahead of the line, and never even got considered! The tickets were 30$! Finally, after almost 2 hours of waiting (the only reason we stuck around was because we had already paid), they let us in after I asked for a refund. It was just all around bad service. I wrote them a complaint and said I was writing to the media about what happened, so they offered my friends and I supper on them. We declined. You guys shouldnt let this slide. This brand of "selectivity" is happening all the time, and it needs to be addressed!

pinkapplecore said...

holy crap I would have done the same thing, I don't live where you are but if I ever go I will make sure not to go there.

Geez It's like effin high school all over again...

Andhari said...

That's disgusting. Would've punched him in the face so bad. Anyhoo, why didn't your friend zach do anything? I also work in party promoting business and promoters usually can ALWAYS get people in, unless the peeps dress real bad or really underage.

Jakarta isn't racist, now that I think about. Although there are some ignorants who give others nasty look if they're from certain races. Not black people though, chinese. Chinese and the locals here still have some issues sometimes and I think it's ridiculous. Some ignorants here hate chinese people for basically everywhere.

I hate rascists.

Selma said...

Shit, this is disgusting!!! I mean, aren't we all supposed to be the same, and all equal blahblahblahblahblah and then things like this happen. Plus, why didn't your friend Zach do anything? I wonder. He seemed kinda just like a puppy not knowing where to go and what to do... Anyways...glad you wrote about it. Won't go there, ever, if I'm ever back in the city. And, well, for the record I would have done the same exact thing you did if it was me right there and then. :D

Michael said...

They will close.

If they're going to be stupid about who they let in and who they don't, eventually all the cool people will leave, and there won't be anyone left. And the owner will be asking themselves, "What happened? Why did my business dry up and blow away?"

And NB will laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

PorkStar said...

Wow, that was fucked up. I've never come across a situatioin like that with anyone either. But if their stupidity continues, that for sure won't make them last long.

missy. said...

oh my.. i can't believe they did that. i'm sorry you and your friends had to go through this. that is absolutely ridiculous!

Amanda said...

So sorry you and your friends had to go through this:(

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

OMGGGGG wtf???? I think were great though!!! =)


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