Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interactive Thursday


Do you love or hate the holidays?


I have a mutual relationship with the holidays.

I love and hate them.

I love them because....

  • I get to spend time with my family
  • Off from work!
  • Give gifts to people
  • If it snows around the holidays, I like it
  • Decorating trees and my apartment
  • Baking holiday cookies
  • Holiday Parties
I hate them because....
  • I am not with T and it sort of gets depressing
  • I feel bad for people who have to spend it alone :(
  • I wish I had more money that I could donate to the homeless and other charities
  • People are INSAN-O
  • Not having enough money to spend on people as I would like
  • It goes by so fast
What about you? Thoughts? Comments? cup giveaway! sign up!



KekeLynn said...

Used to love the holidays growing up. My grandpa made it so special. Now that he's gone, it's just another day to me. Have decorated since he's been gone.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I have a very passive agressive relationship with the holidays too. I love it but I hate it. If it was a lil more relaxed I would enjoy them more because people yeah get nuts this time of year!

...Seyma... said...

oh yeah, same here!!


Kattrina said...

Overall, I love the holidays. I love the lights, decorations, the warm feeling I get inside. I love heading up to Vermont to see my parents, playing in the snow, listening to Christmas music. That part is so great.
It always makes me a bit sad though, because it never turns out the way I want. For example, I love family at holidays and I always want it to be a day to spend with my fam. However, my family doesn't want to spend the day together and now that one of my sisters is married and has her own family, she is spending the holiday with her in-laws. I want her to go to Vermont. My other sister hates big gatherings, so refuses to come if a lot of people are going to be there. So, my dreams of a huge family gathering at Christmas are always crushed.
But, everything else is great.

pinkapplecore said...

eh i'm in a love-hate relationship. I love the break, the gift giving, the air about it

I hate the traffic and the rude people, the crazies and lack of snow for it being so cold. brr

Cathi said...

I love the sentiment around the holidays and just wish people would feel that way year round. It doesn't cost anything to help out charities - just your could do that instead of spending money....Enjoy time with your friends and family - that is what is truly important in life! have an awesome day! xxoo

Jaime said...

I love the holidays but I hate the crowds- that's really the only thing. And I hate the let down after Xmas/NYE are both over. Seasonal depression? lol

Bathwater said...

I hate the holidays until I am done with my shopping, some years it means hating till Xmas eve!

Carrie said...

Oh, I love the holidays. Everything about it.

Well. Except that it steals my money. I could do without that part.

Lizzi said...

Love and hate here too. I love the hustle and bustle, the music, and the sparkliness. I hate how material it is. I want an old fashioned, homemade Christmas.

eQ said...

yep, the holidays definitely do have a positive and negative side to them, I guess al we can do is just try to be thankful and appreciative for the positive. RIgh?

You commented on the 20SB NYC meetup forum and I wanted to send you the info in case you are still interested in coming:

Friday Dec. 4th 10pm
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75 Christopher St (at 7th ave)

It's not an "official" meet up so there won't be a sign or anything like that, just keep an eye out for people who may look familiar from 20SB!

Spread the info to any other fellow NYC 20SBers you may know =)

ps, could you either comment back or message me on 20SB if you think you'll make it?

The Novelista Barista said...

yeah i hear you guys on that... love hate is def the relationship!

angel6033 said...

Yeah I feel the same I love it and hate it! FAmily is always a good reason to love the holidays, but I feel bummed about some of the same reason you do like lack of money to spread the cheer to those less fortunate and for my own family memebers! oh and packed malls are never my favorite :(

Jenni said...

Yea I'm with you and about everyone who has commented, I'm so in a love/hate relationship with the holidays. Although this year I'm leaning more towards the hate part - blah.


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