Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coffee Cup Awards!

The coffee cup award goes to...

Reasons for my blogger crush...

  • A little bias because she is my best friend but so deserves the award!!
  • Has a great idea where she writes about men and calls them ducks... its mad cute and the fact that she actually gets ducks and gives them to people is awesome!
  • Is mucho creative and always has something interesting to read!
  • Inspires me to be more creative by looking at all of her stuff she makes.
  • She is the best and needs to be recognized for it!!

If you have no checked out her blog, you must!!

Ps... The Winner of the For the Easily Distracted giveaway is.... Teasily Diverse!!! Congrats lady :) Email me your information!



spanky* said...

ahhh!!! i luvs you! thank you!

spanky* said...




Seyma said...

congrats for her!! i love her blog too!! she is so cute!!

well, still hoping to get that award some day :) hah!!

love ya!!

hope you had a good weekend darling..

Garf said...

I am curious Barista....what about bloggers from other countries? If they happen to win someday in future, how would they get the coffee cups?

Amanda said...

YAY! :)

angel6033 said...

so totally well deserved, I love her blog as much as I love yours! you both are so creative and I can just feel the passoin you guys have for writing every time I read your blogs, defenietly my favorite and must read blogs!!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

WAIT!!! You guys know each other IRL?????? >.<


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