Friday, December 11, 2009

What I Learned This Week

1. Something about someone that really concerns me and am not sure what to do with it.

2. Don't go on dates with someone who only offers to pay for half.

3. Distancing myself from the rest of T's friends

4. I need a new job before January 18th.

5. I realllllllllllllly need to go on vacation.

6. I need to drink heavily BEFORE attending divisional meetings.

7. That I like someone.

8. How nice it is that people I hang out with like to hang out with my friends for once.

9. I have an idea for an Etsy shop and hopefully Spanky & I can make it happen!

10. Fixing my car sucks.

11. I am officially obsessedddddddd with leggings! ---Does anyone have a good website to buy funky leggings? If so, please comment it!!!



12. I love my friends xoox...the craziest weirdest bunch of ladies and gets ive ever met.. love them all...esp my girls <3

What did you learn this week?

PS: Giveaway..... come on people.. three more days! Sign up!

PPS...... Make sure you are sending out your Blogger Secret Santa gifts BY December 18th!

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Andhari said...

I hate fixing cars. And there's nothing that turn me off more than cheap guys. Lol.

Selma said...

Yay, I like this list! guys. Believe it or not I haven't even found one yet that wants to pay in general. They rather have me pay everything on a date. Not to mention the door thing. I'm a girl that wants to be treated like a least have a guy open doors for me! Doesn't exist here. :( I learned that this week - Again!!! :( Happy Weekend!

Jenni said...

Awww... you're friends are so beautiful :)

InTransitClaire said...

Express has some really nice leggings... lots of different colors and styles. And a lot of the time they're on sale, too!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

u + spanky = LOVEEE. I'm on it.. whatever it is... ILU girls

leggings.. I'm obsessed too!!! have you checked


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