Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Resolutions - Seyma

We all want something for every single new year... well, better to say "some things" actually. but every time we ruin that commitment somehow.. we end up screwing them up at all times!! disappointments, making amends, bitter sweet memories etc.. well, keeping promises are hard because no one can exactly know what life would bring or take away.. so i don't wanna make commitments, i just wanna make some wishes and guesses if you allow me..
so here is the list I'm hoping to be successful at:

1. Try to be OK no matter what, after all i've been through.. i just wish to be happy and smile a little bit..
2. Find a kick ass job so that my husband and i can start having our own life... standards.. with no slightest interfere of others!! it's so difficult to listen to everyone that tries to make you do things their way..
3. (Being someone who never exercised before) Begin to do some exercise under any circumstances because i've started having really bad back-aches.. we gotta be much more healthy right??
4. Get rid of this whole sucker monotony i'm suffering from.. ALMOST everything's said and everything's done as much as we could.. so i don't know what possibility is left at hand to give it a try..
5. Fall in love with my husband again.. (you can't even imagine how much i need this.. is it too difficult for God's sake?? what should i do for that one??) and try to find who i really am.. try it so hard..

hope everyone has a great new year!!

love, xoxo,



Seyma said...

oh thanks for having me Jen :)

Anonymous said...

good luck Seyma i hope you can fall in love again and you will be bumped into by love to your hubby ( this is muammer )

Anonymous said...

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