Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 5 & 6 Blog 09 Challenge

December 5 Night out. Did you have a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked your world? Who was there? What was the highlight of the night?

December 6 Workshop or conference. Was there a conference or workshop you attended that was especially beneficial? Where was it? What did you learn?

The best night out this year that I had was by far Halloween

. There were a lot of times before that in which we had fun out, but for Halloween I was single, with my girls, and even though we waited in line for 2 hours to get into the bar, it was mad fun. I had a great time.

There was no one holding us back, no men around, the time changed, we had an hour more to party. It was good times :)

OH my OTHER best night was in California at a club in San Francisco.... that was SICK times :) But I have no pictures to prove it... sooooo!!!

More to come...

What was your best night of the year?

ps... 2 more days for the coffee cup giveaway :) sign up here!



Steph said...

Last last three months of Fridays have been great...maybe something to do with being suddenly single :)

Anonymous said...

Halloween was my favorite night too! Guess who :)


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