Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My 2010 Goals

Considering 2009 started off shitty, I am hoping 2010 will be a great year. I have high hopes based off of 2009 being one of the worst years of my life. I figure since I will be starting off the new year in NYC and I have never done that before, I will hopefully be good for the rest of the year!

Although I was not able to accomplish all of my goals from 2009, I am hoping to accomplish every single one on this list. It will be rough, but I will try.

1. GET A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Publish an article in print
3. Get a freelance writing job
4. Have over 500+ followers on my blog
5. Go to Ireland.
6. Open an Etsy shop
7. Move to NYC in December 2010 (ok this is REALLY iffy)
8. Find my passion and go to school for it or get on track to my new life
9. Go sky diving
10. Go to the beach almost every weekend in the summer.
11. Start working on my coffee shop book
12. Find a hobby!
13. Visit more independent coffee houses.
14. Be happy & stay happy
15. Surround myself with people who make me smile
16. Volunteer more at the dog shelter, maybe foster a dog if I can.
17. Do something special because I am turning 25!!!!

And that is it.... lol like 17 isnt a lot to do in 365 days! Pah! Here goes my impossible task mode!

**Send me your top 5 goals for 2010!



KekeLynn said...

Great list of goals!!! I've got to get started on my list sometime soon.

December 2010 is plenty of time to plan for NYC, plus I will be there by then and might need a roommate!

radiogael said...

YES! It's official!

You've said you're coming to Ireland. Can't wait. OMG, we're gonna have a fecking awesome time. Spanky NB and Radiogael, drinking themselves blind.

Can't wait, pet

The Novelista Barista said...

YES!! I cant wait either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby said...

ugh, i agree with you... 2009 was absolutely terrible. here's to a new year and a fresh start!

Anonymous said...

Great list, and I'm sure you can accomplish so many of those things if you just keep to it. Best of luck darlin'!!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

ohhh u GO GIRL!!!!!!

王菲Star said...

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