Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 Things That Make it Really Christmas

10 Things That Make it Really Christmas

1. Everyone hoping that it will snow on Christmas --even if you live in a tropical place.

2. The holiday decorations outside of all the houses, inside of the house, in the office, and on the trees in the town/city

3. Christmas trees on the top of the cars

4. Crazy traffic and ridiculousness in the retail stores

5. Holiday parties

6. Drinking your sorrows away with your family

7. Spending all of your money on OTHER people

8. Christmas cookies and holiday baking oh and holiday weight gain

9. Ridiculous amounts of holiday music


10. Holiday scrooges who take out their unhappiness on the people in the cars in front of them, in the stores, at the office, on the internet, walking on the street, in the subway, on the train, in the parking lot! The list goes on, you know what I mean.

What did I miss?

Happy Holidays!

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pinkapplecore said...

I haven't seen any christmas trees on cars but I've seen these weird reindeer antlers that stick out of the windshield...cute.

I like it when people open the gifts and getting really really anxious before hand!

Andhari said...

love the food, drinks and holiday parties!

Jenni said...

HaHa, I think you've covered just about everything. This is such a cute post and so very true. Number eight has been my life this past month. I really need to get my azz into the gym, but all this tasty food is holding me back. I mean a few more days with these extra pounds won't kill me, right? Right! ;)

Rêverie said...

Just dropping by to wish you a very merry christmas! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Love Elise :) xxx

Blue said...

my favourite is point #8 :)

Cheryl said...

Where's the coffee?..

radiogael said...

11 - getting a holiday card from your new best friend

Seyma said...

it's a good list Jen :) now i can imaine how christmas is like out there!!

happy holidays darling!!


The Novelista Barista said...

awe thanks!! u too everyone :)

Athena. said...

awww, merry christmas beautiful!


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