Tuesday, December 1, 2009

End of the Year Goal Check in

December 1st seems to be a good day to go over the goals I had for the year and see what I did and didn't accomplish.

Goals of 2009 (From March)
1. Get a new and BETTER job. ---- negative

2. Go on 2 big vacations. Costa Rica (i am already going :) and Europe. Plus California and New Hampshire. ----Done!! Costa Rica for 11 days and Peru for 14 days!! AND New Hampshire AND! California!

3. Move to a bigger apartment around September; and/or different state and get a PUPPY!
---Got a bigger, nice apartment with my girl C... and live with HER puppy!

4. Pay off one my Juniper credit card. ----Not Juniper, but I paid off my American Express card in FULL of $3,500!

5. Take the GMATs so I can finish applying to Baruch.
---No. I'm done trying for Baruch..and I am done trying for teaching.

6. Get an article published in a magazine. --Nothing published yet, but I have quite an accomplished blog!

7. Take and conquer and online writing class. -----January or February

8. Go sky diving. ---Nope.

9. Lose 15 pound. ---I have officially lost 23 pound since April.

10. Save money--- Nothing.

11. Control my shopping habit.--- I have controlled it officially. I haven't really bought that much since August... it sucks but I have to do it.

12. Spend more time with my ladies and my family. --Yes to both.

13. Acquire more fashionable pieces. ---Nothing recently. Except a Guess bag :) and some Aldo boots.

NEW 2009 (From July) Goals to be completed:

1. Be happy. --- Getting there!
2. Get out of the rut that I am in. --Done.
3. Stick with my blog and continue to grow it everyday and eventually publish something now that I know people will actually read it! --Done!
4. Move. --Done!
5. Continue with my teaching plan. --Done, but quitting.
6. Quit Smoking. --Negative
7. Find the independent woman I once was and bring her back. --Working on that
8. Make a good career move. ---Negative

I would say for the most part I did okay considering the hell of a year it has been.

Have you accomplished all of your goals from 2009?

ps.. dont forget about my coffee cup giveaway :)



Anna said...

a treat for you on my blog :)

Who's that Gamine? said...

I wish I would have had resolutions on my blog- but I started in August! This year's resolutions should be interesting for me. Hope you have a lucrative rest of year! Keep blogging!!



Jaime said...

Great goals and bravo for accomplishing so many! I too have had the goal of getting a new job, and sadly, it's not accomplished :( On to 2010... lol

Melanie's Randomness said...

You have a very acommplished blog dear. That's cool that you made a list. I don't think I did this last year. Hmmm...I think the only I thing I did was lose weight. I like your goal of bringing back the independent woman I once was. I think I need to do that too. Well there is always next year & this month. =)

...Seyma... said...

finish collage on time with a degree - done!!
find a good job and an apartment to live - negative!!

those are just the two of them and nope, i'm not successful at it..


Anonymous said...

"Stick with my blog and continue to grow it everyday and eventually publish something now that I know people will actually read it!"

Oh, THAT'S why I'm here! :D

But no seriously, keep up the good work.

Amanda said...

I don't think I made a list of goals like that, but I did start the 101 in 1001 challenge...which I've been a failure at the past couple months. Still, since it's 3.5 years long, I can't really say I've failed until 2011 :D
I think I might need to make some resolutions for 2010...

mysterg said...

I'm impressed you;ve completed so many of your goals!

I aim to achieve one new thing every year. This year it was to complete my Masters degree which I received the certificate for in the post today. Next year is to travel the world...I went to the travel agents and booked all my flights and stuff yesterday!

Steph said...

What happened to teaching? I guess because I'm sp crazy about it right now....

I'm amazed with how people can make lists of things to do. I wish I had it in me. Goodluck with 2010!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Ohhh honey, ur always such an amazing inspiration!!!! Can I be u when I grow up???



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