Monday, December 14, 2009

Coffee Cup Awards

The coffee cup award goes to...

Reasons for my blogger crush...

  • My newest and best friend from Ireland.. always brightens my day
  • His witty comments and funny emails plus hilarious situations he gets himself into!
  • My tell all guy, from relationship advice to porn audiobooks lol
  • My example of how great this whole blogging experience has been since I met another really good person through 20sb.
  • Conor is the best, and I highly recommend friending this irish lad!

If you have no checked out his blog, you must!!

--And the winner of the Caffeine Hit Photo Giveaway is.....Belen!!! Please email me your information at!!

Stay tuned for another giveaway today!! xox



Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh yeah he totally deserves one. He's absolutely hilarious.

radiogael said...

Hahaha!! I love youuuuuuuu

(see? I used far too many letters at the end to signify enthusiasm like you dooooooooo)

Love you to little pieces Jen, you're the best


The Novelista Barista said...

ahha aweeeee ur learning the new york style :)

Kris said...

Cool, I'll check out his blog!

radiogael said...



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